Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dylusions Dyary Cover Modification (Step by Step Photo Process)

I corrected the covers colours on the leaves and flower as I found them to be too neon and clashing with the rest of the cover. I think it is much better this way.
Cover with Colours Corrected

I decided that I wanted my first Dyary to look a little different than the norm so I decided to modify it. Here is the end result and all the following photos illustrate how I got there!

The Beginnings
Some Tools and the elastic cut off from the Dyary 
Back of Cover with Cardboard applied
Front of Cover with Cardboard applied
Back Cover with Gesso

Front of Cover and Inside Flap with Gesso
Note that I do not normally use Gesso with Dyans paints as they have very good pigmentation. I am using it in this instance as the cardboard is recycled, thin and would dull the vibrancy.
Dyans Brayer Technic

Front Cover with Stencil Layers
Inside Flap To Match Right Inside Page
Back Cover Prepped to Match Front Cover
Back Cover and Outside Flap Finished to Match Front Cover
Krylon Applied to Front and Back of Cover to Avoid Scratching Paint with Extended Use
Note that this would be the only time that I would apply Krylon as it is not needed on any interior pages.
Flap with Holes Punched, Rivets Applied, Ribbon Threaded Through, Velcro Adhered and Corner Metal Protectors Applied.
So of course, when you are experimenting, hindsight is 20/ I should have tapered the sides of the flap with less of a slope so that it would bend more readily around from the back to the front. As a result of this oops, I decided to embellish it further and sort of hide the error (always a learning curve when creating).
Cover with Leaf Stamp
Flower Preparation For Cover
The Last of the Products Used


  1. Thanks so much for sharing, I love your Dyary!!!

    1. Thanks Alison, the Dyary is so much fun to play in!