Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Dylusions Build A Page From Leftovers!

Last Fall I had the pleasure of taking some workshops with Dyan Reavley at Scrapbook Centrale in Montreal. One of these workshops was called Art Journal Inky Extravaganza and as the name indicates it involved all of Dyan's lovely Ink Sprays. When you take a workshop with Dyan, one of the first things you remember is that it's a kitchen roll not paper towel! In this workshop you use a ton of her sprays, a kitchen roll, some mop up pages and just about everything else Dylusional you can think of! Well, all that lovely ink I could not let go to waste, so I kept every single piece of kitchen roll that I dabbed up with. Really awesome that Dyan uses 2ply!
So I had a mop up page in my journal from that workshop and decided to use it for this project.
I took a few of the pieces of kitchen roll and made them 1 ply by separating the two pieces. I then adhered them to the mop up page with matte medium, tearing and fitting as I went.
As you can see, you get some of the texture from the kitchen roll, plus some wrinkling which adds dimension and intense colors because of the sprays both on the mop up page and the kitchen roll..so far so good I think.Note that the combination of sprays plus kitchen towel and matte medium will generate some color bleed so when completely dry it may actually end up darker which mine did but that is the surprise so to speak.The sprays have such incredible pigment that they do reactivate even six months later, awesome!
I then took lime and Dyan's Diamond Large stencil to create a lattice, stamped and embossed the leaves, cut out and colored the roses ( all from the "Branching out" stamp set) also from that leaf set. It needs something else but not sure what yet!
I guess it was butterflies....I must be hoping for summer.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Dina Wakley Media Products Page

This page first got started in a workshop with Dina where we threw ink that was on a piece of string then had to figure out what we saw...it was definitely comparative to a Rorschach test for me lol but I persevered and the beginnings of a page emerged. I pulled it out yesterday and finished it...here are the results.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Dylusions Silhouette Page with Flossie and Bert

Had a mop up page in my journal and it was pretty pale in colors so I decided to switch it all up and create a new page! Used quite a few Dylusion Paints: white linen, vibrant turquoise, bubblegum pink, fresh lime, lemon zest, postbox red, cherry pie, black marble and after midnight. Of course, it is in my Dylusions journal. The stencils that I used of Dyan's are honeycomb small, triangles small, holes small, Flossie and Bert. I also used some Tim Holtz stencils which are rays, numeric, bricked, tracks and typo. The outlines etc of Flossie and Bert are done with Dyan's white paint pen. Lots of great playing time today. Thanks for checking it out, cheers, Jenn

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Dina Wakley Media Sketched Faces Journal Page

Hello Everyone!
This page is about 90% wonderful Dina Wakley products, 7% Tim Holtz, 1% Dylusions, 1% Ranger and 1% Julie Fei Fan Balzer...but don't do the math lol! Dina Wakley's products are as follows: blushing, lime, gilt, ruby, cheddar, tangerine, lemon and night for the paints; fractured circles, almost ikat, mini favorites and spaced dots for the stencils; blank media tape and stamps are sketched faces and leaves & pods. I used Tim Holtz's Big Z hexagon die, blank tissue and big chat stickers. Dyan's dylusion journal, DecoArt's black modelling paste and matte medium, Julie's writer's block art foamie and a Ranger glue stick!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Water-colored Sketch 2

Really had a lot of fun doing this second one and then applying the water colors. I used Prima's Tropical water colors to do this one. They are lovely to work with and apply. Paper is 140 lb cold press.
I had forgotten to do the background so here it is with a light background wash of a few colors in Prima's Classic Watercolors.

Attempt 2 at Coneflower sketch

Slowly getting the hang of it I think.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Practicing Sketching Coneflowers

One of my favorite flowers is a coneflower. I am practicing sketching them and this is my first attempt. They will eventually end up on a journal page but working it out first. Personally, this one looks more like a sunflower to me, oh well.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines Dylusions meets Tim Holtz Page

Decided to create a valentines day page with Tim Holtz's Birds and one cat and went with a more comical approach. Had a Dylusions page that I first did the background on while attending some workshops with Dyan. I took it further to create this page using more of her stencils and paint. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Scribbly Birds on a Windy Day!

As per usual, used a ton of various products to create this page. Dina Wakley Paints: White,Turquoise, Lapis,Lime,Blushing,Lemon,Ocean,Fuchsia and Elephant. Dina Wakley Stamp is her large Scribbly Birds which I adore! Dina Wakley Stencil is Mighty Wave which I found was similar to blowing wind when used sideways. Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap Composer as well as his Sizzix BigZ Die Feather Duo which comes with the embossing folder. I love when he does those combos to create more texture so simply. Also the phrase is Tim Holtz's Small Talk Stickers. The small feather is an Art Foamie Stamp called Guinea Fowl by Balzer Designs. The tissue paper is adhered with Art Deco's Matte Medium.  I hope you enjoy this page; it was a lot of fun to create.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Dina Wakley Media Front of fold page Spread

This is the front of the folding page spread that I recently did. I somehow have to learn that less is more but I get so excited playing that I forget to stop, lol! The following products were used for this two-fold page:
Dina's paints (Tangerine, Gilt, Night, Magenta, Blushing, Cheddar, Lapis, Elephant, and Ruby. Dina's stencils (Wheels, Fractured Circles, Circles Paint Comb), Dylusions stencils (Large Triangles, Small Holes), Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap (Melange, Plain), Tim Holtz Small Talk Stickers, Dina's Stamps (Scribbly Fashion Figures, Scribbled Text Elements, Scribbly Wings), Gesso, Paint pens and Kaisercraft Film Strip Washi Tape.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Inspired by Dina Wakley

Dina recently posted an image which I believe she is using for the purpose of advertising her 2017 workshops which, btw, if you haven't been to any of her workshops then what are you waiting for?! She is awesome, they are a ton of fun and at the end of it all, for me personally, they push you to go for it in your journals and embrace your differences! So I have posted my image then hers which as you can see I am a bit of a brilliant colour kind of gal so mine is definitely more "electric". All products used were Dina's with the exception of Tim Holtz's Small Talk and Tissue Tape and Dyan Reavley's Journal as Dina's is not out yet.. Remember to have fun and embrace your differences in both life and art!